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4 Things Most People Don’t Consider When Buying a Luxury Home

Luxury Home InteriorBuying a luxury home is a big investment and one that requires a lot of thought and attention to small details. Because of this, there are some seemingly simple things that many people tend to forget to consider when making a purchase. Here are four things that can really change the way you think about your potential new luxury home.

1: Paintings and Art Objects

When you next tour a luxury home, take a good look at the paintings on the walls and any other art objects you see in the living area. Are these items a reflection of the current owner’s tastes or are the put there to cover up potential problems? Don’t be afraid to look behind painting to check for dents in the wall or to examine the floor near a large sculpture. Try to imagine whether the home would still be appealing without these items in it. At the same time, you should consider your own favorite art objects and think about how they might serve to make your potential purchase more livable to you.

2: Fixtures that Might get Removed

Usually, it is agreed upon that a home purchase includes all the fixtures with it. The seller keeps furniture and anything that can easily be removed, but appliances, light fixtures, and so on are considered to be part of the house. However, not every seller realizes this. If you see a fixture in the house that you particularly like, it won’t hurt to ask the real estate agent or the seller to make sure that the fixtures remain with the home. Usually, the seller will agree instantly. If for some reason the seller doesn’t want to follow the norm, it’s good to know that ahead of time rather than argue about it when you’re hammering out the terms of sale.

3: Who Did the Home Repairs?

Every home, even a luxury home, needs to be repaired once in a while. When it comes to doing home repairs, there are usually two ways of handling them: the more expensive way that will serve as a permanent fix or a less expensive quick fix that will get the job done now but which won’t last for many years. You might think that somebody who can afford a luxury home would go for the long-term fix each time, but you would be surprised. When you get the chance to look through a house, keep an eye out for haphazard workmanship, especially in attics and basements.

4: Why is the Seller Moving Out?

Not many people inquire as to the seller’s motivation when looking at a luxury home, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Oftentimes, the seller is forced to move out of the area by work or family obligations. Sometimes, though, there might be a hidden reason, such as sudden increases in property taxes or repairs that make the home too difficult to maintain. If you can find out why the seller is offering up a luxury home, it might help you make your decision.

All of these are simple matters that can easily be ascertained with a few questions, but they tend to get overlooked by most buyers. If you’re purchasing a luxury home, you owe it to yourself to ask a few questions here and there.

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