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5 Cool Things to Do with Your Attic Space

Whether you have a modest home or a massive one, there’s a good chance your attic space is either empty or used solely for storage. With all of today’s design ideas and technologies, though, you can turn your attic into just about anything you can imagine. Here are five cool things you can do with your attic space.

attic space 300x200 5 Cool Things to Do with Your Attic Space#1 – Make It a Family Room

Some families use their main living rooms as their gathering spaces; others reserve their living rooms for entertaining and rarely use them otherwise. If you fall into the latter category, you certainly aren’t alone. These days, more and more homeowners are converting their unused attic spaces into second living rooms to use as a central hub for their families. Some skylights, hardwood flooring, drywall, and a clever spiral staircase can do wonders, and it will allow you to keep your living room on the main floor in pristine condition.

#2 – Create a Game Room

Homeowners often wish they had space for a rec room – a place where families can gather to play video games, watch movies, shoot pool, or just sit down for a friendly game of cards. Your attic provides the perfect opportunity if you choose to utilize it. In this case, all you’d need is a rough finish and ample HVAC for comfort before you start moving in your dartboard, foosball table, and other sources of fun and games.

#3 – Build a Massive Walk-In Closet

Depending on the age and style of your home, you might find that your closet space isn’t sufficient for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Fortunately, your attic can be converted into a wardrobe of massive proportions. In fact, with some planning, you can divide your attic into separate spaces to give each member of the family his or her own walk-in closet. The attic space should be enough to keep seasonal clothing on display while keeping out-of-season items safely tucked inside chests or tubs.

#4 – Build a Man Cave or She Shack

Man caves and their feminine counterparts, often dubbed “she shacks”, are essentially retreats from the rest of the home. Men often set up bars, video games, and mini movie theaters, while women may create crafting tables or even a spa-like atmosphere. The attic is a great place for this as it’s out of the way, and if you soundproof the floor, it’ll almost be like your home away from home, too.

#5 – Create an Office or Studio

If you work from home, or if you’re into arts and crafts, then you’re aware of just how much space these things require. Offices require space for files, computers, printers, comfortable seating, and more. Studios are often filled with equipment and supplies, and they require sufficient space for working, too. The attic space is a great place for offices and studios because they allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the main floors to work in peace. They also provide more space for storage, which can go a long way toward reducing downstairs clutter.

Your attic space can become anything you want – a family room, rec room, closet, man cave, or even art studio isn’t out of reach. Finishing an attic can extend your living space, reduce downstairs clutter, and provide an escape from the daily goings-on all at the same time.

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