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5 Easy Improvements for Luxury Real Estate

Buying a luxury home that has room for improvement can help you get a great deal for a minimum of work. If you are about to sell your home, you can boost its value with a few simple changes. Here are a few simple improvements that you can make to a house, whether you are looking to improve a property you recently bought or hoping to increase the value of a house you are selling.

1: Light Fixtures

Changing the lighting in a room can make a huge difference in the way a person approaches a room. Light fixtures are very easy to install and cheap to buy. They also give you a chance at improving the overall energy efficiency of a home. Eco friendly lights will help reduce the efficiency bills long-term, while more expensive lights that simulate natural sunlight can have some terrific health benefits.

2: Floors

If you have a weekend free, you can typically redo the floors of a large room as long as they aren’t in extremely poor repair. Hardwood floors are the easiest to redo, since they involve simple standing and refinishing. Carpeted floors require a little more effort to redo, but they can still be cleaned or replaced as needed. Floors tend to take the most damage over time of any other part of the home, and a few simple repairs can totally change the way a home looks.

3: The Front Door

Yes, it seems like a minor repair, but the front door is especially important if you plan to sell your home. It’s the first part of the house that your potential buyers see, and repainting it or even replacing it is an extremely easy fix. If you aren’t trying to sell the house, you can still improve your overall home site value and impress your guests. A simple change to the entrance of your home can greatly improve the character of your home.

4: Bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to get a lot of wear and tear, especially due to the fact that they are composed of so many hard surfaces and light-colored tiles. Replacing old tiles, cleaning the grout, and polishing surfaces can transform a fading bathroom into something that is truly worthy of being in a luxury home. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, putting in a jacuzzi or claw-foot tub can add a lot of appeal to the house.

5: The Attic or Garage

The storage space in a home can be altered fairly easily to add a lot of utility and luxury. A large attic or concrete garage can be turned into some extra space with the addition of a divider or two. You should make sure not to take too much storage space away, but adding a little extra something to an area you don’t normally use can add a lot of appeal to the house.

All of these changes are very simple and inexpensive, but they can turn even the most impressive luxury home into something extra special. Whether you are buying or selling, these are excellent changes to make.

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