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6 Things Every High-End Home Needs

Whether you call it a luxury home, an executive home, or a high-end home, there are certain things that set it apart from the traditional family home. Whether you’re thinking of buying, selling, or even renovating, here are eight things that every high-end home should have.

high-end home#1 – A Fire Feature

Everyone loves gathering around a fire during the evening hours. There’s just something about it that offers relaxation and inner peace, yet welcomes conversation. A fire feature, whether it’s a large outdoor fire pit or fireplace, is a must-have in a high-end home. Better yet, consider mixing fire and water. An infinity pool with fire features strategically placed around it can add luxury and grace.

#2 – A Wet Room

Your home should be a sanctuary; a place for you to unwind from the stress of the day and feel at ease. A wet room is one of the best additions to a high-end home for that very reason. Why have a standard shower/tub combination when you can build a custom shower and even include a sauna or hot tub? Imagine the full spa experience from the comfort of home whenever you’d like, and you’ll see exactly why this feature is so popular.

#3 – Stone, and Plenty of It

In most homes, stone is reserved for very few locations. You’ll probably find it in outdoor landscaping, and you might find it in fireplaces. In a luxury home, stone should make a statement. Stone countertops, accent walls, and more can turn an everyday home into one that beckons for you to kick back, relax, and simply enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to go all out, you could even consider a chiseled stone bathtub.

#4 – Advanced Technology

Technology is important these days. People rely on it for everything from watching the daily news to checking their stocks to ordering groceries. Every high-end home needs a high-tech media center and all the latest amenities. You don’t have to go overboard, but a state-of-the-art entertainment center, security system, and kitchen appliances are great places to start.

#5 – Beautiful Wood Patterns and Finishes

Woods come in a variety of textures, finishes, and colors, and the more exotic they are, the more they tend to cost. That’s why they’re such a nice addition to high-end homes; they add color, unique patterns, and texture that no other type of material can provide. Although you might think you can get the same look with veneer, the real thing is far more appealing.

#6 – A Nice Kitchen for Entertaining

Whether you’re a lover of all things culinary and you spend hours in the kitchen each day or you simply want a place to entertain while you prepare a meal for guests, a nice kitchen designed for entertaining is another must-have in your high-end home. An open concept with great lighting is essential, and you’ll want to make sure you provide enough space to store all of your gadgets and appliances to keep them out of view.

A high-end luxury home is more than just a large space with nice furnishings. It’s a concept, a design, and a place to call your very own. The six amenities above are some of the most common and most popular found in today’s designer homes, and they’ll make a perfect addition to any home you buy, sell, or renovate.

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