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A Wooded Paradise in Parker, Colorado

Colorado is a land of pristine beauty, and there are many places one can go to enjoy all that nature has to offer without losing the amenities and luxury afforded by city life. One such location is the Pinery subdivision in Parker, which has a wide range of lovely luxury homes to offer those who want great views, a relaxing lifestyle, and a quite place after the workday is finished.

A New and Booming Town

Parker is a relatively new town, having been incorporated in 1981 with an original population of just fewer than 300 people. The town has grown significantly since then, rising to more than 5,000 residents in 1990, 23,000 people in 2000, and 45,000 people in 2010. Even as the population has boomed, though, the Pinery subdivision has made for a comfortable and isolated area that puts residents away from the hustle and bustle. Those in the Pinery area see more of the forest and mountains and can generally have a luxury home set back from the growing town if they so choose.

A World of Culture

Parker is a special area when it comes to the arts, especially for residents who are interested in music and theater. The town’s community calendar is often full of events and is updated on a monthly basis. Those seeking to get educated in their recreational time might enjoy the Wildlife Experience, which offers a chance to interact with animals that most people never see in their lives. Other museums and art galleries can be found in the surrounding areas, and the town is only a short drive away from the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Museum of Natural History.

Conservation and Care

The Pinery Homeowners’ Association, or PHA, puts a great deal of emphasis on making sure that the area stays clean and beautiful. One of the biggest assets that the area has is its gorgeous scenery and the ability for residents to interact up close and personally with nature. Thanks to the efforts of the PHA, residents will be able to enjoy these unspoiled assets for many years to come. More information about the PHA can be found at the Pinery website.

Real Estate Prices

At the moment, purchasing a luxury home at the Pinery subdivision in Parker is a situation that favors the buyer. Prices have remained stable and even decreased slightly over the past few years, providing potential residents with the opportunity to purchase homes that would normally be out of their price range. Likewise, real estate taxes have remained steady, so you aren’t likely to wind up in a situation where you got a great deal when buying the house but then have to deal with a nightmare when tax time comes along.

The Pinery subdivision in Parker, Colorado is a fantastic spot for peace and quiet, offered at a price that is much more affordable than some other luxury homes. If you enjoy nature, the arts, and the feel of small town life, this might be the place for you.