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An Influx of Charles Schwab Workers Coming to Colorado

Are you wondering what the value of your Highlands Ranch area real estate is? Whatever you think it might be, the price just went up thanks to a move by Charles Schwab. Citing high costs, the company is vacating 1,000 workers from its San Francisco offices and moving employees to other branches across the country. One of those branches happens to be in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, which means that there will soon be a whole lot of workers looking for a new place to live.

A Massive Migration

The online brokerage has thousands of employees currently stationed in the San Francisco area – more than 2,200 employees to be exact, with another 13,500 global workers currently found in the area. There are several other major offices in the United States for these workers to go to. In addition to Colorado, Charles Schwab has offices in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, and Texas. Even so, that means that there are likely up to 200 people headed toward the Colorado office. This means a large influx in terms of people looking for homes, which in turn means that real estate is about to become a booming business in Highlands Ranch.

Schwab Still Soaring

The move is definitely not a sign of weakness on the part of Charles Schwab. While the announcement did lead to a 1% drop in shares, the total stock is up by 41% over the past 12 months. Last month, the brokerage reported a 51% increase in total profits, and a spokesperson indicated that the company is still looking to expand the total number of employees in it


s offices worldwide. That means that the people who are being relocated aren’t going to have to worry about their long-term employment, which will in turn give them a better sense of financial security. Knowing that they work for a strong company, many of them may be willing to make lasting connections in their new Highlands Ranch homes.

What Does it all Mean?

If you’ve been wanting to sell your home in the Highlands Ranch area but haven’t been sure if you’ll get the value you’re looking for, now is the time to put your house up on the market. A large influx of new workers means that many people will be looking for new homes in the area. While it is possible that some of them will pursue rental agreements instead of buying, the majority will at least take a look at what the market has to offer. Make sure to present your house as strongly as possible and the odds of getting interest are very high. As the San Francisco office closes and workers come in, you may also want to host some open houses. The bottom line is that the ball is very definitely in your court.

While a major move isn’t fun for anybody, workers coming into Colorado from San Francisco at least have the opportunity to move into some excellent homes in Highlands Ranch. For sellers, it means that the opportunities are sky high.