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Awesome Accessibility in Today’s Luxury Homes

There’s no doubt that some of Denver’s most outrageous luxury homes contain technologies and perks that are downright amazing. However, these days, it seems that accessibility is the name of the game. Today, designers create homes with perks and amenities for people with disabilities, and some of these technologies are truly awesome.

Much More than Just the Basics

When designers create homes for people who have disabilities requiring a wheelchair, they will often consider things like the width of hallways and doors, the addition of gently sloping ramps, plenty of clearance around kitchen islands, and even a series of safety bars in bathrooms. Today’s designers take things even further by designing accessible homes without being overly obvious. Some of these features are truly mind-blowing, and the end result is an accessible, attractive home that absolutely anyone can enjoy.

Molded Showers

Gone are the days of hospital benches and chrome handles in the standard shower. Although these still have a purpose and come in very handy for some folks, designers and architects have other ways to make a modern shower with all of the amenities accessible to all. Sometimes, they can actually mold the shower bench out of materials like concrete, paying attention to the curvature of the user’s back and the way he or she grips the bench. In fact, with today’s technology, the individual can even flip a single switch to warm the seat and fill the room with steam before entering.

Accessible Pools

Many Denver luxury homes these days have indoor pools, but entering them can be a chore for some. Fortunately, today’s designers have several unique ways to circumvent these challenges, including a waterproof lift system that allows the user to transfer from his or her wheelchair to a safe, enclosed bench where he or she drops gently into the shallow end of the pool. With heated water, lights for night dips, and floor-to-ceiling glass with automated shades, it is the user’s choice to leave them open and enjoy the view or close them for a private dip.


Elevators are integral parts of public buildings such as hospitals and even big-city post offices, so why not incorporate them into the design of a luxury home? Everyone loves a gorgeous two-story home, but no one wants to install clunky lift systems to move slowly up and down the stairs. An elevator not only makes things more modern, but also adds an air of elegance. Elevators make it simple for anyone to move from one floor to the next, and they make it possible for disabled homeowners to live more independently.

Unique Kitchen Design

Wheelchairs often make it difficult to reach high cabinets, and having a clear line of sight when chopping vegetables is a must. Fortunately, today’s designers offer up plenty of unique features to make getting around the kitchen – and preparing meals – a simple delight. Some features include installing the dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer in under-counter drawers for easier access, adding extra lights to the butcher block area for safety, and even keeping high cabinets to a minimum, when possible.

As you can see, today’s luxury homes are more accessible than ever before. The good news is that accessibility does not always raise the value, either. In fact, if you are in the market for an accessible Denver luxury home, look for words like “open floor plan” and “wide hallways” in the listing.

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