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The Best Pizza Places in Denver: Something for Everyone

When you think about the city of Denver, you might think about mountains or the Broncos, but chances are good you don’t immediately think of pizza. Believe it or not, Denver is home to some amazing places to pick up a slice of pepperoni, extra cheese – and a few things you may find strange. Below, you’ll learn some of best pizza places in Denver to check out when you’re craving a slice of pie.

best pizza places in denver#1 – Denver Deep Dish

Denver Deep Dish is located in the back of Bar Car at 819 Colorado Boulevard. Here, you’ll find an Irishman from Tennessee whipping up Chicago-style deep dish pizza in what would appear to be the tiniest kitchen in the country. Don’t let that fool you, though; these pizzas are incredible and come with all of the toppings you can imagine. Not a big fan of deep dish pizza? They offer thin crust, too.

#2 – Hops & Pie

Is there anything better than a slice of pizza and an ice cold beer? If that sounds like heaven to you, then you’ll want to head over to Hops & Pie at 3920 Tennyson Street. The couple who own this place have worked in fine restaurants around the country, but they decided to settle down and go back to their roots. Hops & Pie offers two dozen different craft beers and a special “PIE PA” (IPA) that’s also used in their pizza crusts. The malty crust makes this one of the best pizza places in Denver simply because it is unique.

#3 – Osteria Marco

Osteria Marco’s name may sound a little odd, and the brass pig hanging above the entrance is a bit strange, too. However, you’ll need to look for it to find this place, which is located at 1453 Larimer Street and tucked away almost completely underground. This is a gourmet pizzeria that everyone should try – with handmade cheeses and artisan cured meats, it’s truly a slice or two of heaven.

#4 – Paxti’s Pizza

Paxti’s is a Denver staple and one that is often overlooked in a city filled with pizzerias as far as the eye can see. Paxti’s is at the top of the list of the best pizza places in Denver, and for good reason. You can find them in three locations: Steel Street, South University Boulevard, and East 17th Avenue. They cook some of the deepest deep-dish pizzas you’ve ever seen, and their stuffed deep dish pizzas are to die for. They use local crafted meats (like Polidori sausage) along with whole-milk mozzarella. You’ll need a plate, a knife, a fork, and a stack of napkins to eat it. If there’s one thing that can be said of Paxti’s, it’s the fact that everyone comes back.

Each of the best pizza places in Denver has something unique to offer. If there’s any advice at all to be had, it’s to avoid the carryout or delivery scene the next time you’re craving pizza and enjoy the atmosphere, the delicious pie, and even some unique craft beer in one or more of these restaurants.

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