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Buying a Seasonal Luxury Home? Keep These Things in Mind

A Snow-Bound Colorado HomeMany people who can afford luxury homes tend to have multiple houses in different areas of the country. This allows them to enjoy the seasons they love the most in the places that provide the greatest seasonal experiences. If you choose to purchase a seasonal luxury home rather than a home where you live year-round, there are certain considerations you have to make. Keep these tips in mind, especially if one of your homes happens to be in Colorado.

Winter or Summer?

The first thing you need to consider is what part of the year you plan to stay in your Colorado luxury home. Colorado is unique in that there really is no bad season to be in the state. The summers are beautiful and the winters are cold but provide many different outdoor activities to enjoy. What time of the year do you want to spend in Colorado? The answer probably depends on what your preferred activities are and where you other home is located. Summer tends to be more affordable for full-time living, but the winter will carry certain costs even if you choose to leave your home unoccupied during this season.

Summer Living

When you choose to live in your home during the summertime, you need to consider your house’s needs not when you stay there but rather when you don’t. If you leave your house unoccupied during the colder months of the year, you need to be prepared to make sure it gets a little bit of extra maintenance. This includes preparatory techniques such as shutting off the water before you leave to make sure the pipes don’t freeze. You should also keep the heat on at least to 55 degree Fahrenheit throughout the winter lest the cold damage your interior. If you want to save some money when it comes to heating, looking into options such as natural gas or even geothermal heating can help you a lot.

Winter Living

If you enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, or just love the look of the Rockies during the wintertime, a winter home in Colorado might be a good option to consider. Staying in Colorado during the winter means that you need to make sure you have heat and basic winter amenities covered, but it does reduce the amount of seasonal maintenance you need to do before leaving for your other home. One of the items you’ll want to consider when leaving the home unoccupied during warmer months is security. Don’t mention that you are leaving for a long period of time on social media or otherwise announce your departure. Fortunately, Denver is relatively low in crime, reducing major worries about your home.

Regardless of what season you stay in Colorado, you should prepare your luxury home properly for the time you aren’t there. Upon your return, take some time to do basic maintenance before settling in. If you can afford it, hiring a groundskeeper can also be a great way to keep your part-time home looking great full-time.

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