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By the Numbers: A Guide to Living in Denver

Denver. The Mile High City. Home of the Broncos and the Colorado Rockies. It is a great place to live, and home sales are on the rise. Before you make the transition, it helps to understand what it is like to live in Denver, including the average cost of owning or renting a home, the crime rates, the quality of life, and even the amount of pollution.

The Average Cost of Rent vs. Mortgage Payments

People who rent homes in Denver pay a little more than average as a whole, with the average price of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in City Centre costing just over $1500 per month. Along those same lines, a three-bedroom apartment in City Centre costs just over $2600. Living outside of City Centre shaves off several hundred dollars per month in both cases. However, the average mortgage payment in the Denver area across all sizes and locations is about $1443 per month – less than renting even a one-bedroom apartment.

Police officerCrime in Denver

On average, crime in Denver is moderate when compared to cities of similar sizes across the US. People worry more about crimes like vandalism and theft than things such as being attacked, having their car stolen, or being mugged or robbed. Violent crimes in Denver are low, as is corruption and bribery at all levels. Just over 83% of the residents of the city say that they feel comfortable walking alone during daylight hours and nearly 50% feel comfortable walking alone at night – a moderate figure when compared to similar cities.

Denver’s Pollution

As far as pollution is concerned, Denver is the dream locale. Here, air pollution, drinking water pollution, dirt and untidiness, and even noise and light pollution are all on the low end of the scale. Even better, things such as dissatisfaction with refuse removal, overall water pollution in rivers and lakes, and dissatisfaction with parks in the city are very low when compared to other locations of similar size across the country. Denver is truly one of the cleanest, least polluted places in the country, particularly for its size, and it is the perfect place to relocate if you are interested in green living.

Overall Quality of Life

When it comes to determining the overall quality of life in cities like Denver, surveyors consider many different factors, which include things like the local economy, the cost of living, pollution, and even traffic. Denver’s overall quality of living is off the charts thanks to outstanding purchasing power (the ability to stretch a dollar) and very low pollution combined with a moderate non-violent crime rate, the availability of public transportation, plenty of clean local parks, and excellent school systems.

If you have considered relocating to the Denver area, now is a great time to do so. With low annual interest rates on mortgages and highly competitive prices per square foot, it is easy to find the luxury home of your dreams in a city that is clean, exciting, friendly, and ready to welcome new residents warmly.

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