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Enjoy One of the Midwest’s Greatest Cities in Centennial, Colorado

The safest city in Colorado for eight years running, Centennial, Colorado has several luxury homes available that are especially ideal for people who have families to raise or want to have strong ties to their city. There are many different activities in the city and a lot of the best in modern amenities. This city was established just over a decade ago, but despite its young age it has become extremely popular for an extremely good reason.

Voted One of the Top 50 Places to Live

CNN’s Money Magazine recently contributed its opinion of Centennial, placing it at #47 on its list of top places to live in the United States. There were several reasons given for this high ranking, including the fact that the community is very pedestrian and bike friendly, giving those who want to take in the scenery a lot of freedom to get around. There are also a number of unique entertainment opportunities along the Link Trail or in the newly constructed Centennial Park. The city also got high marks for its employment rate, as there are major companies such as Cisco Systems and Comcast in the area looking to hire workers who are new to Centennial.

Outdoor Luxury at Centennial Park

Centennial Park is one of the most popular areas in the city to visit, and it offers a total space of 11 acres to enjoy. The park has space for picnic areas, playgrounds, ballgames, and much more. Several areas within the park can be rented out for family events, business outings, or other fun times. If you want something even more open, the area has a variety of large outdoor parks, such as 17 Mile House Farm Park, Dove Valley Regional Park, and Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park. Each of these parks is sizable and provides a lot of great scenery year-round. The state of Colorado is a glorious place with a lot of different wonders of nature, making for a great place for families who want to get out more often.

High-Quality Luxury Homes

The number of high-quality luxury homes offered in the Centennial area are significant. Homes with three to five bedrooms are available at prices that range anywhere from the $600,000 range to $1.2 million for the largest and most luxuriant homes. Each of these luxury homes has a sizable yard that can be easily landscaped and customized to fit the needs of you and your family. Whether you are looking for a place to raise a family, a potential retirement location, or any life experience in between, you can find what you are looking for in Centennial, Colorado.

Centennial, Colorado is one of the finest communities in the United States. Safe, scenic, and luxuriant, it has options for all manner of different families. If you are looking for a new community that is home to an excited and hands-on populace, this is an ideal place to start looking. There is truly no other community quite like this one.

Fine Luxury Homes in the Centennial, Colorado Area

Centennial, Colorado is a self-governed community rife with natural beauty. The locals take a hands-on approach the managing the community, meaning that most of the people there are eager and excited to make the living area better for everybody. There are a large number of fine luxury homes at excellent prices in this community. If you want an area with lots of natural beauty and little interference from large governing bodies, this is a place you should consider.

Safety and Privacy

Centennial is an ideal place for individuals who have families to raise, since it is one of the safest communities in all of Colorado. And it’s not just Colorado where Centennial tops the charts, but most of the rest of the United States as well. CQ Press ranked Centennial as the 15th safest city in the entire country. Many locals have reported that they feel safe enough in the city to let them walk to school or home all by themselves with no fear of strangers or other dangers. The mayor of Centennial has credited the citizenry for their part in reducing crime, and the community has in fact remained very low on crime since the city was incorporated more than a decade ago.

A Young but Prosperous Community

Centennial has approximately 36,200 households for a total estimated population of 103,743 as of 2012. This number is a slight increase over the city’s initial incorporation population of 102,439, but the shift is small enough that it doesn’t represent a great deal of urban sprawl. In fact, Centennial has remained about the same size year after year, with its annual population never shifting up or down by more than 3.8%. The city is a young one, having been incorporated in 2001, but it was the largest starting population for a community in United States history at that time and has remained a place where people want to live year after year.

Resources for Youths and Adults

There is something for everybody in the community of Centennial, with numerous programs available for youths, seniors, and everybody in between. Art shows are frequently found in the community, and citizens can reach out to their local government representatives with ease through the city’s website. The local events calendar includes relaxing luxury activities such as golf, plenty of ongoing recreational opportunities at the various parks in the area, or the chance to take a trip to another area in the Denver area, such as the training facility for the AFC champion Denver Broncos. No matter what age you are, you can certainly find something to do within this community that will keep you entertained.

Centennial is a community that offers many unique opportunities. It is safe, comfortable, and filled with plenty of opportunities for both children and adults. Moreover, there are lots of involved locals constantly striving to make the community even better. If you’re looking for a luxury home, this is one of the best places to look in all of Colorado.

Keeping Busy in the Luxury of the Chenango Subdivision

The Chenango subdivision in Centennial, Colorado is home to 234 gorgeous homes that overlook one of the most scenic areas of all Colorado. Because it is located in the Denver metro area, many residents choose to take a short trip over to Colorado’s largest city, where they can enjoy all the entertainment that a thriving metropolis has to offer. It’s nice to have some things to do at home, though, and Chenango offers some great local activities on top of the metro area offerings.

Seasonal Socials

The Chenango subdivision holds regular community events, including seasonal socials that serve as a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and to let everybody know about new events. These socials are held out in the open, provided that the weather is nice, and feature activities for both kids and adults. If you’re familiar with the others in the subdivision, this is a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of your neighbors. If you’re a newcomer to the area, as is likely the case if you have recently purchased a new luxury home, this is a good place to introduce yourself and become familiar with other locals. Pictures of previous socials can be found on Chenango’s website.

Service to the Community

The Chenango subdivision and the city of Centennial both place a high value on people who do their very best to help out other people in their communities. Those who provide a valuable service to others in the subdivision are often recognized publicly for their deeds, possibly even receiving a special event in their honor. One example of this would be Centennial’s call for “snow heroes,” which is a great way to deal with the heavy storms that sometimes strike the state of Colorado. People who distinguish themselves during the winter months by helping to clear driveways and dispose of heavy snow are recognized as local heroes and publicly thanked for making their community a better place.

Centennial Center Park

If you want to leave the Chenango subdivision and take a short trip through Centennial, you can find a great many different activities at Centennial Center Park, which is currently undergoing some major renovations and new constructions that might be of interest to you. Some of the new additions include an amphitheater which will give an opportunity for some arts in the park or a new picnic shelter so you can enjoy a family outing without having to worry about what the weather might be like. This is, of course, not including all the great features that are already a part of the park, which serves as a community gathering place and is in many ways a center of activity within Centennial.

The Chenango subdivision is a place where you can be as private or as social as you want to be. No matter what you choose to do with your free time, there are always a great many options that you can explore both within the subdivision and in the city of Centennial in general.

Modern Luxury Offered by the Chenango Subdivision

The Chenango Subdivision in Centennial, Colorado is a unique place not only because it offers affordable luxury homes but also because it is located in one of the more unique cities in the United States. As a Home Rule City, Centennial is officially a self-governed community. That means that residents have a lot of say in local policies and, more than any other city in the country, can truly control what happens in their local area.

A Home Rule City

Centennial, Colorado benefits from Article XX of the Colorado state constitution, which allows it to be a self-governing city. While this comes with some unique challenges, it also has several benefits. The citizenry has much more authority in setting local policies and has a voice in almost all matters, thanks to the fact that there is less oversight from state or federal governments. This has benefited Centennial quite a bit, as the city has recently been named one of the top 50 best places to live in Money Magazine.

A Look at Chenango

The Chenango Subdivision is a grouping of 234 homes, most of which are luxury homes that can be had at a very affordable price. Most lots are about two acres in total, making for a very comfortable property that has a lot of room for activities, sports, or just a general appreciation of the scenery. The community has a large equestrian focus, which means that if you enjoy horse training or riding you will have plenty of company. With such a large focus on community in this area, there is a general sense of camaraderie that is shared by most inhabitants of the subdivision. If you want a place where it feels like people are supporting you, you might want to look into a home in this area.

Community Activities

Chenango is an ideal place for family activities. Just a few of the family friendly activities available throughout the year include an Easter egg hunt for kids, auto shows, a summer social, and the ever-popular Oktoberfest. The summer social is held every June and the auto show can serve as a good wrap-up for the summer in late July or early August. Oktoberfest leads directly into the fall, usually taking place right at the end of September and preparing people for a delightful harvest season.

Property Values in Chenango

The Chenango Subdivision is a covenant-controlled community that has a charter designed to protect property values. As a result, your home becomes a good, stable investment. The covenants and bylaws of the community are all available online, meaning that you can make sure you are completely educated and aware of all the regulations of the community before you start looking at homes.

The Chenango Subdivision in Centennial, Colorado is one of the most unique and interesting places to live in America. With all the beauty that Colorado has to offer and plenty of luxury lots available, it is also one of the very best areas to purchase a home.