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High-Tech Window Films for Your Luxury Home

Luxury homes are known for their unique architecture, custom design, and high-tech furniture and appliances. Some of the most popular new technologies going into luxury homes across Denver are high-tech window films. Here are some of the many benefits of installing window film on your home’s windows.


Privacy is certainly important, but drapes, curtains, and blinds block out the sun. Window films are available in translucent shades that provide privacy, but also prevent others from seeing what’s happening inside your home. These films are quite popular in bathrooms, but they also provide privacy for an indoor pool area, as well. These films are not tinted; rather, they’re translucent. They allow sunlight to come in, but keep prying eyes out.

window filmsEnergy Efficiency

Tinted window films are excellent choices for large homes since they improve energy efficiency in a few different ways. When it’s hot outside, the films reflect sunlight back out into the air, which can keep your home cooler – and help your air conditioner work far more efficiently. In the winter, the films act like insulation, which helps keep more of your heated air indoors where it belongs. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint all year.

Beauty and Style

Today’s window films come in a variety of shades and styles, so you can use it as an extension of your personal style. Textures and colors are limitless, so you can transform any glass surface into a work of art. Whether you’re going for a subtle or dramatic look, window films can help you create it.

Reduction in Fading

Although the sunshine coming in through your windows is certainly gorgeous, the harmful UV rays it brings with it can damage your drapes, flooring, and even furnishings by fading them over time. Today’s high-tech window films block up to 99% of those UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about fading. In fact, this very same protection can help you reduce your chances of getting certain types of skin cancer, too.


Sunshine streaming through windows at certain times of day can create hotspots in your home. What’s more, it can also allow for a significant amount of glare, which can impact your ability to work at a computer or even enjoy your favorite television shows. Window films can block out glare and prevent those hotspots, improving your comfort significantly.

Window Films and Safety

Finally, the newer window films out there can help make the glass in your luxury home shatter-resistant, which can keep intruders out, protect your family from harm, and even safeguard your valuable possessions. Many types of film have this safety feature built right in, which adds a very important layer of protection.

Window films aren’t only for your cars. These days, there are professionals out there who specialize in helping you choose and install the best possible films for your home, too. They offer unsurpassed beauty and style, reduce your carbon footprint, and even keep your family and your belongings safe from harm.

HVAC System Upgrades: Should You Upgrade Before Selling Your Home?

If there’s one thing that can be said about Denver’s weather, it’s that things can change in the blink of an eye. Heat and air conditioning are both necessities, and when it comes to luxury homes, people expect newer systems that can easily keep up with changing conditions. Here’s what you need to know about HVAC system upgrades if you are thinking of selling your Denver-area home.

Why Not Lower the Price?

There are some realtors out there who will tell you that HVAC systems matter very little when it comes to selling a home as long as they work and provide comfort to the living space. However, when it comes to luxury homes, HVAC system upgrades can make or break a sale. Although a potential buyer could always adjust his or her bid downward in order to reflect the cost of replacing a system that is obviously beyond its mechanical life, this presents a hassle to that buyer, and it could cause you to lose an opportunity to sell your home.

hvac system upgradesHow Old Is Your System?

The number one reason to consider HVAC system upgrades is the actual age of your unit. For the most part, the average mechanical lifetime for these systems is between 10 and 20 years, depending on the system itself and how it has been maintained. For example, if your HVAC unit is 10 years old but has never really been maintained, you may want to consider replacing it. On the other hand, if your unit is 15 years old, has had regular maintenance, and works just like new, replacement may not be necessary.

What’s the SEER Rating?

In today’s day and age, people are incredibly concerned about energy efficiency. Not only does it save them money on their overall heating and cooling costs, but it also reduces their energy use. The SEER rating for your HVAC system is a standardized measurement of its performance, and it could be a number anywhere between 8 and 23. In general, the higher the number, the more efficient the system. If your unit’s SEER rating is less than 13, you might want to consider HVAC system upgrades. Four out of five HVAC units sold in 2015 and the first half of 2016 have ratings of 13 or higher.

Has It Needed Frequent Repairs?

Finally, if you are considering HVAC system upgrades before selling your Denver luxury home, be sure to think about the number of repairs it has needed throughout the years. If your unit is a decade old and has never needed a single major repair due to excellent maintenance, replacement may not be necessary. On the other hand, if your unit is a decade old and you’ve already replaced a major component, you may want to consider upgrading the entire system.

Although HVAC system upgrades are not always necessary before you sell your luxury home, there are some cases in which it can make a lot of difference. Even if it does not significantly improve your home’s overall value (and it certainly can in some cases), it can help

How to Turn your Luxury Home into an Energy Efficient Wonder

A home in winterJust because you own a luxury home doesn’t mean you want to pay ridiculously high bills every month. Many people assume that high energy expenditures come with the territory, but in reality there are a lot of ways you can transform your large house into something that saves you money month in and month out. Here are some of the simplest yet most effective ways that you can transform your home.


The first step to making sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible is to make sure that it won’t let heat escape during the wintertime. This is especially important in areas such as Colorado, which get cold winters quite often. Ideally, your luxury home should be insulated using the “cocoon” system. This means that all the walls should have open-cell foam, while your attic should be sealed and insulated with closed-cell foam. If you have insulation already but haven’t installed anything new for a few years, you should double-check your walls and attic. Insulation tends to compact over the years, and this can cause it to become ineffective.


Depending on the age of your home, you may have some very old wiring running through your walls. Even the most energy efficient appliances waste electricity if the wiring they are connected to is not as modern as they are. Take a look at your wiring and consider upgrading it to something newer and more modern in order to avoid energy loss. If you aren’t sure whether your wiring is new, consider the age of your home. Usually, older homes tend to get updated less, especially if they have a lot of character that the previous owner didn’t want to risk losing. If you hire a skilled electrician, you should be able to make your home more energy efficient without losing any of its charm.

Modern Windows

Some people might think that a window is just a window, but this simply isn’t the case. As windows have entered the energy efficient age, they have seen some terrific new breakthroughs. For example, polarized glass is able to filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation while letting all the benefits of natural sunlight through. You can get windows that block UV rays and infrared rays while still allowing the heating and light that the sun offers. This is especially useful if you have several large windows facing sunlight, because it means that you don’t have to run the heat as often or use as many lights to keep your home bright during the day. More natural sunlight can also help your mood during the dreary winter.

A few simple steps can turn your typical luxury home into a major money saver, which can become especially helpful in the winter months. Since 2014 has already seen icy rain and even snow in the Colorado area, taking the extra steps to make sure that you are comfortable while having a bit of extra money in your pocket is a very good idea.