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The Past and Future of Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village is a community that has a lot of history behind it as well as a bright future. With a lot of different arts and activities to enjoy around town, there’s very little chance that you’ll go through a single day without having something to do. Add to this the fact that there are plenty of high-quality luxury homes in the area at a affordable prices, and there is very little reason not to consider this area if you are looking for a home in the Denver metro area.

Dining, Entertainment, and More

Greenwood Village lies right down Interstate 25 and features several fine dining and entertainment opportunities in the area. There are steakhouses such as Shanahan’s, well over a dozen different restaurants and eateries along the highway alone, and several homegrown food sources in the area. If you are interested in healthy eating and organic foods, there are a number of locally-owned businesses in town. There are also ethnic food options, ranging from fare found in many communities such as Chinese or Thai food to less common options such as Middle Eastern restaurants. If you have any questions about what might be out there, the Denver Tech Center is up the road, with many listings of local businesses.

A Business-Friendly City

One of the problems that people worry about when it comes to purchasing a luxury home is a matter of finances. Even if you know you have the money to afford a luxury home and have a good deal to work with, there might be some concerns about employment in the area. In a similar vein, some people have visions of starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs out of the Greenwood Village area. Whether you fall into one category or the other, you have every reason to be confident in moving to this area. The community is business friendly and has a reputation for quality companies in the area. The city has locally-owned businesses running from small businesses to large corporations.

Easy Life or Hard Life – It’s Your Choice

One of the major points of attraction in the Greenwood Village area is the Greenwood Athletic Club, which features activities for almost everybody under the sun. This includes traditional activities such as tennis, yoga, and Pilates. The area has golf courses and country clubs for those who want to take it easy, but it also has options for those who want to really push themselves. The Athletic Club offers martial arts and boxing courses as well as a “boot camp” regiment that offers club members the type of hard-core training that makes the American military what it is. Your options are wide open, and there is always lots to do.

The Greenwood Village area has luxury and opportunities for everybody, no matter what your preferences may be. With such a wide range of activities and plenty of comfortable homes that allow you to enjoy the scenery this peaceful stretch of Colorado has to offer, there is a lot to be had here.

Luxury in the Greenwood Village Area

Located not far from Denver, Greenwich Village is a former boom town that sprang up when settlers in the 1860s came looking for gold. While the gold rush is long gone, many people have found the community to be worth staying in. Boasting a population of just under 14,000 people, this area has all the conveniences of a larger metropolis with the peace and quiet one would expect of a small city.

The Wonders of Nature Right at Home

Colorado is home to some remarkable wildlife, and much of that wildlife can be found in Greenwood Village. The small city has a very rural feel to it, and many residents report seeing harmless wildlife on their properties. If you enjoy viewing the wonders of nature without leaving the comfort of your own home, you should look into a property that has features like glass storm doors or bay windows to maximize your visibility. Many homes on the market already have these items built in. The vast majority of luxury residences in this area also have plenty of space that you can view. Just remember to get yourself a pair of binoculars so you can see the wildlife up close.

Quality of Life

Greenwood Village is a quiet city that has an effective government capable of handling most issues to the satisfaction of the locals. As evidenced by the city’s website, there are multiple school districts in the area and strong avenues of communication for those who wish to voice local concerns. For those who have travel needs, direct routes to the Denver International Airport are available, and Centennial Airport in Englewood is also close by. The employment rate is high, with salaries in a competitive range. With reasonable property values, lots of land to enjoy, and plenty of quality areas, Greenwood Village has become a popular place of residence for those looking for a bit of luxury in the Denver area.

Fitness and Health

Greenwood Village is in close proximity to some of Denver’s other excellent suburbs, and is within easy driving range of the popular Cherry Hills Country Club. For those who want to get some entertainment and exercise without leaving their own community, the city is also home to the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, which has such offerings as tennis, yoga, swimming programs, group fitness activities, and much more. The classes offered at the athletics club are targeted to all different levels of proficiency. That means that you don’t need to know anything about tennis or another activity before trying it out. Or, if you are already an expert, you can sign up for the appropriate level and get a good challenge.

Greenwood Village real estate is a high value investment due to the luxury accommodations offered in the area. With all the small city charm you could want with all the big city convenience you need, this is an ideal place for people who want to make a home in the Denver area, be it seasonal or year-round.