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Food, Family, and Fun in the Highlands Ranch Area

Highlands Ranch, Colorado has nearly 100,000 citizens but plenty of wide open space that you can enjoy. It truly does combine luxury, scenery, and convenience. The city is continually adding new shops and sites, meaning that its citizens have something that they can enjoy in the present while looking forward to more to come in the future. Here’s a look at a few of the luxuries the Highlands Ranch area has to offer its residents.

The Modmarket

Colorado is home to eight specialty food stores known as Modmarkets, and the newest one happened to open in Highlands Ranch in May 2014. The Modmarket is a chain of stores that specializes in providing local food at reasonable prices to customers. Unlike many other farm to table establishments, these markets also have a setting that is described as “fast casual,” meaning that it provides quick, attentive service in a more relaxed style than you would normally find at other grocery stores. This is just one example of ways in which the Highlands Ranch area puts a focus on the Colorado community as well as on the health of its residents as a whole.

Community Events

The Highlands Ranch Community Association coordinates with the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association to make sure that there are a wealth of options for children, adults, and senior citizens throughout the calendar year. There are more than 100 community events on the yearly calendar, with more being added on a semi-regular basis. Youth and adult programs include such items as art projects, cooking classes that help teach proper nutrition and tasty cuisine, and educational courses such as Lego robotics. Senior programming focuses on ways to keep active, making sure that your life in Highlands Ranch will be a long and happy one.

One of the Best Places to Live

Money Magazine rates Highlands Ranch as one of the best places in America to live. In their 2012 review of all communities in the United States, they ranked Highlands Ranch as the #21 community in the country. The fact that there are so many parks and community centers in the area factored into this ranking, as did the history behind the area. Highlands Ranch has cattle barons and gold miners in its past, and the Highlands Ranch Mansion serves as a great place to learn that history. The ranking also took into account the terrific housing market in the area, with home prices ranging from a modest $200,000 to luxury homes that are worth $1 million or more.

Finding a luxury home in Highlands Ranch is an investment that can potentially pay off for years to come. This is a great place to settle in, raise children, enjoy a happy retirement, and much more. With a lot of prime real estate, a friendly and active community, and plenty of recreation opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy, there is a very good reason why so many people have come to this area and decided to call it home.

Wonderful Views in Highlands Ranch. Colorado

Once a frontier town, Highlands Ranch is a beautiful city that has a lot of history behind it. The area was originally inhabited by native Americans, and there are still a lot of traces of history and tradition in the city. It was also a major site for prospectors during the gold rushes of the 19th century before finally becoming established as a city recognized by the Colorado government in the late 20th century. The community has been growing ever since, and for good reason.

Education and Public Service

For families with children, the Highlands Ranch area can provide an excellent opportunity for a great education and a solid foundation for a bright future. The largest school district in the area is the Douglas County School System, which provides a full education all the way from pre-kindergarten out to high school. If you want a private school experience, there are a variety in the area, including religious schools such as Valor High School. Those who work hard in a Highlands Ranch school can also set themselves up for a terrific post-secondary experience thanks to the Highlands Ranch Community Scholarships program, which offers financial aid to outstanding individuals from within the community.

Property Values

There are many different luxury homes available in the Highlands Ranch area, with prices beginning as low as the $200,000 area. Home styles vary greatly, and you can choose from homes in the area that are right in the center of the metropolitan area or that have lots of space and plenty of green areas. Highlands Ranch is a city that covers more than 23 square miles of land, so there are plenty of open spaces. Compare the land area with the total population, which is less than 100,000 people. That’s just enough to have all the amenities of a good-sized city, but with the comfort and gorgeous slice of nature that comes with a smaller community.

Outdoor Recreation

The Highlands Ranch area caters especially well to people who want to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer throughout the year. In terms of recreation, the area has a total of 25 parks and more than 2,000 open air spaces that allow people to enjoy nature. If you want to enjoy some walking, biking, or hiking, there are more than enough trails for you to use. If you choose to travel all of them, you will wind up covering a total of 70 miles from beginning to end. This isn’t even factoring in other recreation opportunities, such as skate parks, hockey rinks, community gardens, dog parks, and much more. There is more entertainment and fun here than almost anywhere else.

Colorado is full of beauty and luxury, but few areas provide the sheer amount of versatility that Highlands Ranch does. Whether you want to live in an urban environment or have lots of open space with plenty of room to move around, you can find the exact environment that suits your lifestyle right here.