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Things to Do In and Around Denver

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a prime location for anyone looking to participate in an outdoor adventure. Yet Denver is also a bustling metropolis, and offers a variety of theater, music, and museum options for those looking to supplement their time in the rustic outdoors with some local culture. In other words, no matter how you like to spend your leisure time, Denver has something to offer.

Outdoor Adventures

Those looking for hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing activities have a bevy of options to choose from in Denver. One of the most popular outdoor destination sites is Mount Evans, a Rocky Mountain peak that boasts a gorgeous view of the city and surrounding environs that can be reached by bike or by car. It’s also possible to tour any one of Denver’s mountain parks including Red Rocks (where you can visit Buffalo Bill’s Grave) and Rocky Mountain National Park. Trips to these parks can make for either an excellent day excursion or an extended camping trip.

Theater and Music

For those looking to stay in the city, Denver also offers a range of theater shows and performing arts venues. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts offers new Broadway shows as well as contemporary revivals, and features innovative modern dance performances as well as a variety of different musicians. The theater academy attached to the performing arts center additionally offers acting classes and tours. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, based out of Denver, also puts on a show that just cannot be missed.

Museums and Attractions

The Denver area also boasts a variety of different museums including the Museum of Science and Nature (with an impressive IMAX theater), the Denver Art Museum, the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, and the Transportation Museum. All of these establishments feature permanent collections as well as rotating exhibits so there is almost always something new to see. Additional attractions in Denver include the Colorado Ballet, the Denver Zoo, and the historic Landmark Mayan Theater.

Bike Tours

Cycling enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the extensive bike trails and tours. The Cherry Creek bike trail for instance is easily accessible from the middle of the city, but takes riders into and around the scenic outskirts of downtown. The terrain is fairly level with only a gradual incline so the trail is suitable for bikers of all levels. Those looking for a trail that’s a little more off the beaten path can also ride the Highline Canal Trail, the Platte River Trail, or Bear Creek Trail to name only a few.

As if this weren’t enough to keep you busy, Denver also offers a vibrant nightlife with a range of excellent restaurants and bars. Sports fans can also catch a Rockies game at Coors Field, a Broncos game at Mile High Stadium or a Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center. Additionally, the Loveland, Keystone, or Copper Mountain Ski Resorts are located just outside the city, and offer prime weekend trip locations for skiing enthusiasts.

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Denver Rent is On the Rise

Recent reports indicate that the average rent for those living in Denver has gone up by approximately 4.4% from 2012 to 2013. Though some might be frustrated by this increase in the overall cost of living, the rise in home rental prices also points to a positive shift in the economy as a whole. The reasons for the recent increases are varied, but all are connected to larger economic shifts.

Supply and Demand

On one hand, rental prices in Denver have increased lately largely due to the basic laws of supply and demand. In other words, there has been a corresponding increase in people looking to rent, which has diminished the number of available apartments. As a result, landlords and apartment managers have been able to gradually raise monthly rent costs without losing any applicants or tenants.

Improvements to the Job Market

While supply and demand is perhaps the immediate reason for the increase in Denver rental prices, at least in terms of economic theory, there are also other factors at place in these changing home rental prices. For example, the increase in renters has much to do with the improvements in the job market. With job growth in Denver approaching 3% this year, people are in a better position to rent—and they are also in a position to pay more, thus providing little incentive for landlords to bring rental prices back down again.

Desire for Flexibility

Though the job market is improving, it is by no means completely stable yet. Thus, many people want to ensure they have some flexibility with regard to their living situations in case they need to relocate for a new or better job—which presents yet another reason that rent prices in Denver have gone up in recent months. The employment rate has gone up enough to make rent affordable for a wider range of people, but some people are not confident enough in its stability to invest in a mortgage.

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