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Cool Tech for Luxury Homes: The Latest in Refrigerators

Once upon a time, a refrigerator was just an icebox – a way to preserve food. These days, refrigerators are nothing short of technological marvels, and they offer up a host of innovations designed to bring you even more convenience than ever before.  Here are some of the newest innovations in refrigerator technology and why they are perfect for your luxury home.

#1 – Dual Cooling Systems

Many of today’s refrigerators feature a single cooling system that serves two functions. Not only does it keep everything on the freezer side frozen, but it also keeps everything in the refrigerator chilled. Unfortunately, this can often lead to some unsavory odors (and flavors) in your foods, no matter how many boxes of baking soda you keep on the shelves. A dual cooling system ensures that the air in the freezer and refrigerator remain perfectly separate at all times so your vegetables do not end up with the flavor of garlic bread.

#2 – Temperature Sensors

How often do you place warm leftovers in the refrigerator only to find them still warm a few hours later? What about loading your refrigerator down with the groceries you just purchased; does it seem like it takes a while for them to cool down? Most refrigerators work hard to maintain a constant temperature that you set, and they very rarely fluctuate. They just run and run until they reach that temperature. Many of today’s refrigerators have temperature sensors that automatically adjust temperatures inside the appliance when warm food or groceries are added.

#3 – The “Smart” Fridge

Although not yet available to many consumers, LG’s “HomeChat” service will someday allow you to communicate with your refrigerator like it is a real person. Imagine being at the grocery store and wondering whether or not you need to purchase eggs. With HomeChat, you can simply ask your refrigerator if there are eggs left in the fridge, and it will tell you. Think that’s neat? LG also claims that their refrigerators will also be able to tell you if anything in your fridge is about to expire.

 #4 – A Convertible Refrigerator

Refrigerators are one of the greatest modern innovations of our time, but up until recently, they just didn’t offer much flexibility in terms of storage. Samsung has come to the rescue in this department with their brand new line of convertible refrigerators. In short, depending on the event or season, you can convert part of the freezer into a refrigerator, which gives you more space to store fresh food. The refrigerator also features “Cool Pack” technology, which keeps food frozen for up to 12 hours during a power outage. Other features include “Power Freeze” which instantly blasts items in the freezer for a quick cooldown, and the same technology for the fridge side ensures that beverages are cold in minutes.

Today’s refrigerators are a far cry from the cold boxes that we relied on a few decades ago. As time goes on, more and more manufacturers focus on exciting innovations designed to provide you with convenience, safety, and above all else, better food and beverages. Any of these technologies will make the perfect addition to your luxury home.

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