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The Difference Between a Custom Luxury Home and a Semi-Custom Home

Today’s real estate market can be incredibly confusing, and this is especially true for people who have not purchased or sold a home in quite some time. In fact, many of the luxury home buyers in the Denver area spend quite a bit of time viewing their options. Understanding the differences between a custom luxury home and a semi-custom home can save you some time in your search for the perfect property.

The Burden of Home “Shopping”

All too often, potential luxury home buyers spend a lot of time looking at the properties available in the Denver area. They may like the way one home is designed, but feel that the room size is too small. When it comes to the next home, the same potential buyers might really love the style and layout, but dislike some of the features. If this seems to be the case, it might be helpful to learn the difference between a custom luxury home and a semi-custom home.

custom luxury home What Is a Custom Luxury Home?

A custom luxury home is one that was built with a client’s very specific wants and needs in mind. These homes are built by very specialized groups of contractors who understand a variety of innovative projects and have the know-how to meet the demands of high-profile clients. Everything – including the floor plan, the color of the paint on the walls, the technology built right into the walls, and the finish on the faucet in the bathroom – is completely personalized to meet the needs of the client.

Custom luxury homes do appear on the Denver market from time to time, and the amount of customization often has a direct impact on the potential buyers. In some cases, these homes depreciate more quickly than others, and this is particularly if the home has unique design quirks. If you enjoy originality and innovation, then a custom luxury home might be right for you. Otherwise, you might want to narrow your search to semi-custom homes.

What Are Semi-Custom Homes?

Semi-custom homes are more popular among buyers because they are built with preexisting and predetermined floor plans. Although the owner may choose to add a room, connect a garage, or even add a full basement, the overall design of the house is more traditional than that of a custom luxury home. A semi-custom home does not depreciate as quickly because it is more traditional and therefore more desirable to the general public. Most of the buyers interested in luxury homes prefer the semi-custom variety because it offers up more potential for personalization.

In short, a semi-custom home usually offers a more traditional floor plan and layout, and it gives buyers more opportunity to add their own “touch”. Conversely, a completely custom luxury home was built based on the client’s unique personality, wants, and needs, and offers up more originality than its semi-custom counterparts. Keep these things in mind when you are in the market for a new home in the Denver area.

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