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Five Ways to Make Moving Easier on Children

Whether you are moving to Denver from across the country of from another part of the state, you might be excited about all of the new opportunities ahead. However, your children may feel anxious, confused, and even a bit sad to leave their friends behind and start anew. Here are some tips to make moving to your new Denver luxury home easier on your children.

Colorful bedrooom for girl#1 – Let Your Child Decorate His or Her Own Room

Moving to a new place can be scary for children, so it is important to make them feel involved in your choices. When you take your child to see your new Denver luxury home, be sure to point out his or her new room and all of the infinite possibilities. You and your child can look at paint swatches, and you can even go so far as to allow your child to design the placement of furniture. Grab a few decorating magazines and some construction paper, and let him or her choose the layout and colors that appeal the most, then cut and paste them onto a sheet of paper.

#2 – Meet the Neighbors Before You Move

Before you actually pack up and move into your new Denver executive home, make sure that you give your children an opportunity to meet the neighbors – especially if some of them have children of the same age. This way, when the big day comes, your children will not feel as alienated or alone. In fact, if your children are of school age, chances are good that your neighbors’ kids will attend the same schools. This will help your child transition into the new school without feeling as anxious.

#3 – Throw a “Goodbye” Party

One of the biggest reasons why kids are so anxious when it comes to moving has to do with their existing friendships. No child wants to say goodbye to his or her friends, but you can help ease the pain with a going-away party. Invite all of your child’s friends, and ask them to each bring a postcard. Then, write your new address on each friend’s postcard, and ask them to mail it in two weeks. It’ll help alleviate some of the stress for your child, and the postcards are sure to put a smile on his or her face.

#4 – Point Out Nearby Attractions

Before you move into your Denver luxury home, make sure to take the time to point out all of the exciting things there are to see and do, both in your neighborhood and around the city. Get your kids excited about your new swimming pool, take them for a lunch in your local park, or spend an entire day at the zoo. Once your children realize that there is so much to see and do in their new city, they will feel much better about the move.

#5 – Give Them Time

No matter what you do, your children will likely still experience some anxiety and sadness when transitioning from one location to another. One of the best things you can do to help them is to simply give them time. Leaving a group of friends, going to a new school, and making new pals around the neighborhood is stressful. However, in time, your child will fall into a routine, and it won’t be long until you see him or her smiling excitedly about the day ahead.

Moving to a new home or city can be confusing for a child. Oftentimes, they aren’t sure where they fit in. By involving your child in some of the decision-making, giving him or her a chance to say goodbye to friends, and showing him or her the very best that your new home and city has to offer, you can help make the transition a smoother one.

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