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High-Tech Window Films for Your Luxury Home

Luxury homes are known for their unique architecture, custom design, and high-tech furniture and appliances. Some of the most popular new technologies going into luxury homes across Denver are high-tech window films. Here are some of the many benefits of installing window film on your home’s windows.


Privacy is certainly important, but drapes, curtains, and blinds block out the sun. Window films are available in translucent shades that provide privacy, but also prevent others from seeing what’s happening inside your home. These films are quite popular in bathrooms, but they also provide privacy for an indoor pool area, as well. These films are not tinted; rather, they’re translucent. They allow sunlight to come in, but keep prying eyes out.

window filmsEnergy Efficiency

Tinted window films are excellent choices for large homes since they improve energy efficiency in a few different ways. When it’s hot outside, the films reflect sunlight back out into the air, which can keep your home cooler – and help your air conditioner work far more efficiently. In the winter, the films act like insulation, which helps keep more of your heated air indoors where it belongs. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint all year.

Beauty and Style

Today’s window films come in a variety of shades and styles, so you can use it as an extension of your personal style. Textures and colors are limitless, so you can transform any glass surface into a work of art. Whether you’re going for a subtle or dramatic look, window films can help you create it.

Reduction in Fading

Although the sunshine coming in through your windows is certainly gorgeous, the harmful UV rays it brings with it can damage your drapes, flooring, and even furnishings by fading them over time. Today’s high-tech window films block up to 99% of those UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about fading. In fact, this very same protection can help you reduce your chances of getting certain types of skin cancer, too.


Sunshine streaming through windows at certain times of day can create hotspots in your home. What’s more, it can also allow for a significant amount of glare, which can impact your ability to work at a computer or even enjoy your favorite television shows. Window films can block out glare and prevent those hotspots, improving your comfort significantly.

Window Films and Safety

Finally, the newer window films out there can help make the glass in your luxury home shatter-resistant, which can keep intruders out, protect your family from harm, and even safeguard your valuable possessions. Many types of film have this safety feature built right in, which adds a very important layer of protection.

Window films aren’t only for your cars. These days, there are professionals out there who specialize in helping you choose and install the best possible films for your home, too. They offer unsurpassed beauty and style, reduce your carbon footprint, and even keep your family and your belongings safe from harm.

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