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Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Luxury Home

With the holiday season upon us here in Denver, it won’t be long until everyone begins to decorate their homes for the holidays. Here are some unique holiday decorations for your luxury home that will make you the envy of your friends, family, and neighborhood.

#1 – A Musical Light Show

Outdoor lighting is a classic holiday decoration. Whether you choose to stick to tiny white elegant lights or big, bold colors, you can easily create a feast for the eyes. A large luxury home provides you with the perfect canvas to create a dazzling display of lights set to your favorite music, as well. You can pick classics, Christmas carols, or even your favorite rock-and-roll songs, then set your lights to blink on and off to the beat. If you want some ideas, head over to YouTube and look at some of the outstanding displays from years past.

#2 – An Outdoor Christmas Tree

Millions upon millions of people put up a Christmas tree each year, and if you are one of them, why not consider taking that display outside? There is no rule that says you cannot decorate any sort of tree for the holidays. You can string green lights from the top of a tree’s branches downward to create the illusion of an evergreen during the night hours, if you wish. You can even add a few lighted “ornaments” to your display, and a dazzling star at the top.

#3 – Handmade Holiday Wreaths

Nothing is more welcoming to guests during the holiday season than a large handmade wreath on the front door of your luxury home. In fact, you could make crafting the wreath for your home an annual holiday tradition. There are so many easy methods available these days that you could create almost anything you wish. For some ideas, be sure to check out sites like Pinterest and Instagram. They are filled with wreath ideas that are easy to make.

#4 – Cozy and Rustic

Although many people claim that it is difficult to give a luxury home a rustic feel, that is absolutely not the case. Repurposed items can make any home feel cozy and charming, no matter what the architectural style. For instance, you could put a wooden crate on your front porch, then fill it with pinecones and a few evergreen branches. Place this next to a rocking chair with a holiday-themed pillow or two, and you have a rustic, welcoming setting that your guests are sure to love.

#5 – A Luxurious Mantle

Finally, if you want to bring a bit of the holiday season indoors without taking away from your beautiful décor, consider a luxurious mantle setting complete with velvet stockings in a material and color that complements the room’s color scheme. A string of evergreen and some pinecones on a white mantle, along with beautiful white stockings with embroidered names, gives you a hint of holiday spirit without seeming overwhelmingly loud or gaudy.

The holiday season is all about family, friends, and joy. With the decoration ideas here, you can turn your beautiful luxury home into a holiday haven that you and your neighborhood can enjoy.  

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