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How to Choose a Neighborhood when Shopping for a Luxury Home

The Denver metropolitan area has some wonderful luxury homes available, but choosing which neighborhood you want to live in can be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you decide, ranging from crime rates to community events and more.

Crime Statistics

The good news is that crime statistics tend to drop as property values increase, so luxury neighborhoods rarely see a major crime bump. However, it doesn’t hurt to consider the areas where crime may arise. If you notice a lot of vandalism in a neighborhood or find that your home is near a nightclub or other popular hangout, you might be slightly elevated in terms of your risk. That said, some people are willing to trade the higher chance of minor crime for the ability to enjoy an active nightlife.

The Timing of your Visits

Problems that are completely invisible during the day can rear their head at night. The time of day that you visit a house before buying can dramatically change your impression of the home. For example, visiting during the evening hours makes it less likely that you will notice structural problems such as a potential leak in the roof. Ideally, you should make multiple visits to a home and schedule these trips for different times in the day so you can get the full experience.

Look into Related Costs

Having a luxury home doesn’t mean you should have to pay luxury costs for everything. Take a tour around the neighborhood and see what other living costs you are likely to encounter. You might be surprised at the high costs or great deals you may find. If you’re wondering about utility costs, a call to the local providers can be very illuminating. These companies won’t give you the specific costs in the home you are looking at, but you can get a general estimate for the average bills in the neighborhood.

Talk to the Neighbors

Getting to know your potential neighbors can be very helpful when trying to decide whether you want to move into an area. It’s best to make sure that you don’t swing by during dinner or another inconvenient time. Depending on the timing that you arrange a walkthrough of your potential luxury home, you can take a moment to swing by and talk to others in the area. This is especially possible if you are buying during the spring or summer, when more people are out and about. A friendly conversation with your potential new neighbors can not only give you a better feel for the house, but can also help to break the ice if you do decide to make this neighborhood your home.

Choosing your luxury home requires a lot of forethought and analysis. While your main focus should definitely be the home itself, you don’t want to ignore the rest of the area in your search. A house is only one part of a home – a great neighborhood is just as important.

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