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How to Have a Fun Family Weekend in Denver

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Denver, you are brand new to the area, or you have been here all your life, planning a family weekend can seem like a chore. Here, you’ll find some options for planning an awesome kid-friendly staycation that parents and adults can enjoy, too.

Denver Aquarium

Although Denver is landlocked and high above sea level, that doesn’t mean you can’t see more than 500 species of animals that typically live in oceans. Denver Aquarium is the largest one between California and Chicago, and it offers up an opportunity to see wildlife in a brand new way. There are stingrays, sea otters, sharks, and even rainbow fish, and you can even see the Shipwreck, which is a replica of a sunken boat that is home to dozens of species of marine life.

Children’s Museum of Denver

The Children’s Museum of Denver is fun for kids of all ages, and adults enjoy themselves, as well. There are plenty of exploration exhibits that allow kids to get involved and learn. Little ones can become firefighters for a day, pretend to work in an assembly plant, or even become veterinarians. Of course, there are lots of dinosaur fossils and other exhibits you’d expect to see in any great museum. It’s a vital part of a fun family weekend in Denver.

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is one of the country’s most popular, and for good reason. It offers up a wildlife adventure that is like a safari around the world. You’ll get to see polar bears, orangutans, gorillas, and giraffes, and you can hop on the Pioneer Train which will take you past rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and even elephants. There’s even an Endangered Species Carousel, which contains 48 endangered animals to ride on; each is carved by hand.

Casa Bonita

When you get hungry, no family weekend in Denver would be complete without a trip to Casa Bonita, one of the country’s most exciting and entertaining Mexican restaurants. You’ll find all of your favorites here, including everything from tacos to tamales, but it’s the atmosphere that makes Casa Bonita a must-see. Everything from mariachi bands to puppet shows and magicians make it a blast, and the kids will really love the Pirate Cave. (There are huge margaritas for the adults, too!)

fun family weekend in DenverButterfly Pavilion

Finally, to complete your fun family weekend in Denver, make sure you take the time to check out the Butterfly Pavilion, which is one of the only exhibits like it in the world. You’ll need to travel to Westminster to see it, but it’s definitely worth your time; it’s an invertebrate zoo, reminiscent of a tropical rain forest, that is home to more than 1600 free-flying butterflies, outdoor gardens, and even a kid-friendly nature trail.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy an amazing family weekend in Denver, whether you enjoy eating at flamboyant restaurants, seeing a variety of animals and wildlife, or enjoying some hands-on fun unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

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