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The Importance of a “Quiet Place” in a Luxury Home

Spring GardenWhere do you go to relax? A library? A movie theater? A golf course? When it comes to a luxury home, the good news is that you can have those keys to relaxation right on your own property. It is a fact that the modern world comes with more stresses than ever before and that those who can afford a luxury home tend to encounter many more day-to-day sources of stress than those in a lower income bracket. That’s why having a “quiet place” in your home is important.

Types of Quiet Places

Almost every home has a quiet place of some sort, be it a study, bedroom, or craft room. When it comes to luxury homes, the capability of expanding those spaces into something that truly reflects your personality is vastly increased. Depending on the size of your house, a study can become a small library and a bedroom can become a master suite. It doesn’t have to just be bigger versions of traditional spaces, though. Using the entirety of the property can produce wonderful pieces of luxury such as golf courses, personal theaters, and much more. Essentially, you should figure out what brings your mind a state of peace and then make sure that you include that in your home design.

Benefits to the Property

Having a space specifically set aside for rest and recreation can be extremely beneficial to your property’s value and selling potential. Potential buyers who look at your home will see the area and consider it to be a perk when weighing the house against other luxury homes. Even if the individuals looking at your house don’t have an immediate interest in your hobby, it is quite likely that the presence of a space devoted to that task might pique their interest enough for them to take the practice up. As another possibility, people viewing your home might want to use your quiet place for a quiet activity of their own, in which case the room, and by extension the house, still has a lot of value.

Building your own Quiet Place

If you don’t have a quiet place of your own yet, how do you go about adding one to your luxury home? The answer begins with an exploration of what puts your mind at ease. Movies, indoor sports, or other things that take up a lot of space will require large rooms with hard surfaces on them, along with the addition of furniture and possibly sound systems. Craft rooms, studies, and meditation areas don’t require as big a space, and some simple landscaping can create a wonderful rest and recreation spot outside. Perhaps most overlooked in designing a quiet place is the need for natural light. Almost every space of this sort will benefit if you can have some sunlight to help enhance your mood.

A well-planned quiet place can improve the value of your luxury home. More importantly, it can be a huge benefit to your physical and mental well-being, improving the quality of your life immensely.

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