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Modern Luxury Offered by the Chenango Subdivision

The Chenango Subdivision in Centennial, Colorado is a unique place not only because it offers affordable luxury homes but also because it is located in one of the more unique cities in the United States. As a Home Rule City, Centennial is officially a self-governed community. That means that residents have a lot of say in local policies and, more than any other city in the country, can truly control what happens in their local area.

A Home Rule City

Centennial, Colorado benefits from Article XX of the Colorado state constitution, which allows it to be a self-governing city. While this comes with some unique challenges, it also has several benefits. The citizenry has much more authority in setting local policies and has a voice in almost all matters, thanks to the fact that there is less oversight from state or federal governments. This has benefited Centennial quite a bit, as the city has recently been named one of the top 50 best places to live in Money Magazine.

A Look at Chenango

The Chenango Subdivision is a grouping of 234 homes, most of which are luxury homes that can be had at a very affordable price. Most lots are about two acres in total, making for a very comfortable property that has a lot of room for activities, sports, or just a general appreciation of the scenery. The community has a large equestrian focus, which means that if you enjoy horse training or riding you will have plenty of company. With such a large focus on community in this area, there is a general sense of camaraderie that is shared by most inhabitants of the subdivision. If you want a place where it feels like people are supporting you, you might want to look into a home in this area.

Community Activities

Chenango is an ideal place for family activities. Just a few of the family friendly activities available throughout the year include an Easter egg hunt for kids, auto shows, a summer social, and the ever-popular Oktoberfest. The summer social is held every June and the auto show can serve as a good wrap-up for the summer in late July or early August. Oktoberfest leads directly into the fall, usually taking place right at the end of September and preparing people for a delightful harvest season.

Property Values in Chenango

The Chenango Subdivision is a covenant-controlled community that has a charter designed to protect property values. As a result, your home becomes a good, stable investment. The covenants and bylaws of the community are all available online, meaning that you can make sure you are completely educated and aware of all the regulations of the community before you start looking at homes.

The Chenango Subdivision in Centennial, Colorado is one of the most unique and interesting places to live in America. With all the beauty that Colorado has to offer and plenty of luxury lots available, it is also one of the very best areas to purchase a home.