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What Should Pet Lovers Look for in a Luxury Home?

Dogs WelcomPets are a part of the family, and anybody who has a beloved family pet will probably want to find a home that accommodates their furry (or feathered, or scaled) friend appropriately. Luxury homes are actually the perfect place for house-trained pets, since they offer so much more space and freedom than small houses. If you are a pet owner seeking to make a luxury purchase, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Choosing the Right Kind of Space

You know your pet’s personality and physical needs better than anybody, so you can probably identify what kind of space your pet will enjoy. However, there are certain environments that work well with almost all animals, especially common pets such as cats and dogs. Finding a luxury home with lots of space to move around means more than just calculating square footage. You should also pay particular attention to the foot traffic lanes. If there are a lot of sharp corners to turn or obstacles in the way, your pet might not get the full benefits of the space. However, open rooms and wide halls work extremely well and should get strong consideration from pet lovers.

A Room with a View

One of the best and most often-overlooked assets that a home can offer a pet is a great view. This becomes especially true in Colorado, where the wonders of nature wait right outside your windows. Even if they never go outside, pets are in their hearts wild animals, and they get the most enjoyment out of life when they are able to look outside and enjoy the sights that nature has to offer them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to give special weight to homes that have large windows and multiple viewing spaces where your pet might be able to observe the outdoors. Even if your pet is never allowed outside, you will find that their mood is better and their activity level is higher when they get to sit at a window.

Durable Floors and Fixtures

Cats and dogs have claws. Rodents have rapidly-growing teeth. Animals of all sorts can cause damage if they aren’t put in the right environment, even if they are normally gentle and well-mannered. Take this into consideration when planning a luxury purchase. For example, a home that has a lot of linoleum or soft wood for flooring will probably take a lot of damage from a large dog that might inadvertently leave claw marks through simple, everyday activity. If you have a large pet or one that might get nervous in a new environment, you should make sure to look for a home with durable moldings and hardwood floors.

Of course, if you have an outdoor pet, a large fenced-in yard can be a godsend to allow for some exercise throughout the day. Pets are an essential part of many peoples’ lives, so it is important that if you plan to move to a new luxury living space that you make sure it is appropriate for you, your family, and you beloved pets.

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