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Selling a Luxury Home? Think Beyond the Kitchen

When you purchased your luxury home, the kitchen was probably one of the strongest selling points. After all, whether you prepare meals on your own every day or you host regular dinner parties, the kitchen is always the hub of the action – and one of the main attractions in any home. Although a perfect kitchen is important when selling your executive home, keep a few other parts of your house in mind, too.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home with Island and Stainless SteelThe Truth about Kitchens

In today’s real estate market, a modern home with a dated kitchen will sell much, much more slowly than a dated home with a modern kitchen. If you are considering upgrading your bathrooms and other fixtures throughout the home, take some time to stop and think about whether that money would be better spent on kitchen upgrades. Today’s buyers would rather see top-of-the-line appliances and a well-designed space in the kitchen and slightly dated bathrooms than a home with subpar appliances and cramped working space.

Forget About Dilution

Many real estate agents these days recommend going through your luxury home and removing any sign of personalization, whether this includes taking down all of your family photos or even removing your child’s stuffed animals from her bed. Although some dilution may help you sell, such as removing sports fan memorabilia and other items that might turn some buyers off, many real estate agents these days suggest that leaving your photos and other personal effects in place makes an executive home seem cozy and warm. Often, these are very large homes and they can feel empty to prospective buyers. Giving them a “lived-in” feel can help persuade them to buy.

Keep Things Neutral

Although some personalization is fine, it is important to stick to certain limits. For example, while you may truly enjoy the bright blue in your master bathroom, it may dissuade another person from buying your home. Before you put it on the market, consider making things like walls, wallpaper, and flooring more “neutral”. In this way, you show prospective buyers a blank canvas that they can make their own, and you allow their imaginations to do the rest. What’s more, lighter colors create a sense of cleanliness – something that all homebuyers want.

Create Focal Points

Finally, if you want to truly sell your luxury home quickly, then you need to create some focal points in each room. The goal is to draw the prospective buyers’ eyes to the most appealing part of a room, whether that is a beautiful architectural window or a fantastic piece of furniture. When your home is aesthetically appealing, those who attend showings and open houses are more likely to see their own possessions in the place of your own. They begin to imagine how their sofa would look facing that gorgeous window, and their emotions begin to take over. Without a doubt, emotions sell homes.

When it comes to selling your executive home, forget what you have heard about staging. Remember that the overall goal is to create a clean, neutral space that still looks like someone’s home. While the kitchen is important and should be your number one focus, paying attention to details elsewhere will help you sell more quickly.

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