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Selling Homes Quickly: What to Do When Your Home Just Won’t Sell

You’ve finally put your home up on the market, and you’re excited for the offers to start rolling in. You’ve done a great job remodeling and staging, your home looks amazing, and your real estate agent is confident. However, weeks go by, and you’ve only gotten a handful of offers that aren’t really what you expected. What went wrong? Here are some tips for selling homes quickly, especially if they’ve been on the market a while.

Consider More Improvements

Selling homes quickly is simpler in some markets than in others. In fact, homes in one Denver neighborhood may sell in just a couple weeks while those in other neighborhoods sit on the market for months. If you find that your home just isn’t selling – or maybe you’re just getting lowball offers – consider making a few more simple improvements here and there. For example, a different color paint in the kitchen, different fixtures in the bathroom, and perhaps even more modern window treatments can make a world of difference. You may not need an all-out remodel, but a few slight improvements may go a very long way.

selling homes quickly 300x225 Selling Homes Quickly: What to Do When Your Home Just Wont Sell

Cut the Price

If it’s been a few months since you put your home on the market and you continue to get low offers, you may need to cut your price. This is especially true if you have interested buyers who just can’t seem to get financed by a variety of different lenders. Consider your appraisal, tax assessment, and other factors, then look at the offers you’ve received. Try to come up with a lower price that’s fair to the buyer, but one that isn’t going to cause you to practically give your home away. A good real estate agent can help you adjust your asking price.

Consider Renting Temporarily

There are times when, no matter how nice your home might be, and no matter where it’s located, it might just take some time to sell. For this reason, many Denver-area homeowners have rented their homes temporarily while waiting for a buyer. This can be tough, especially if you’ll be showing the home while a renter is present. Market your rental to individuals or families who will only be in the area a short time, or to those who may be in a situation opposite yours – they’ve sold their own homes, but haven’t found the right one to purchase.

Focus on the Best Parts of “Defective” Homes

If your home is located in a difficult area – near an airport runway, downstream from a farm, etc. – it’s going to be a difficult home to sell. When it comes to selling homes quickly, it’s best to target people who may not mind these “defects”. For example, you may choose to bring a potential buyer’s attention to the soundproof windows, which can help dull the sound of passing aircraft. You might mention that your home has been sealed by professionals to block odors from nearby farms during the warmer months, as well.

Selling homes quickly isn’t about drastically cutting the price and limping away from the deal. Rather, it’s about focusing on the home’s best features, making improvements where necessary, and ensuring that you’re asking a fair price. If all else fails, you may consider renting while you wait for the perfect buyer to come along, too.

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