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Selling Your Home to Generation X

According to the National Association of Realtors, Generation X – or those age 33 to 47 – make up the largest percentage of homebuyers (31% to 34%) in both 2013 and 2014, and probably will again in 2015. Thus, if you are selling your Denver luxury home, it is important to impress Generation X.

Why Does This Generation Buy More Homes?

Buying a home is the American Dream, but not everyone has the opportunity to live it. However, beyond age 30 and up until the late 40s is the time when people come into their own. At this point, they have several years’ work experience under their belts, their lives are stable, and they have enough savings to afford a down payment on a large executive home. They are ready to settle down, and because they tend to have one or more children, they see a larger house as an opportunity to grow. However, as the seller, you should help them see this opportunity with proper marketing, staging, and planning.

Marketing to Generation X

Because Generation X makes up such a large percentage of homebuyers, it is important to market to them unexclusively. For instance, this generation relies heavily on their mobile devices, so when you choose a realtor, make sure mobile marketing is available. Your realtor will likely handle much of the marketing for you, and this includes describing your home in such a way that it appeals to this age group. “Spacious” and “room to grow” are frequent terms, as is mentioning the location and the nearby schools. All of these things play a vital role in selling your home.

Staging for Generation X

Those in the mid-30s to late-40s age group may or may not have children. As such, when you stage your executive home, it is important to consider this. If your home has several bedrooms, you may opt to create stage the master bedroom accordingly, but you might convert another bedroom into an office or studio. What’s more, creating bedrooms suitable for both older and younger children helps the viewer truly see the value in your home; it helps them envision their own lives.

Things to Remember

A few characteristics tend to apply to Generation X, so it is important to utilize this information when you drive value. When you can appeal to potential buyers in this way, you have a better chance to sell. Focus your marketing on:

  • Convenience and time saving attributes. Generation Xers are busy people, so show them how your executive home can make their lives easier, whether this is with tons of storage or even innovative appliances.


  • Appealing to their inner “control freak”. Generation Xers also like things the way they like them. When staging, choose neutral paint colors. This way, potential buyers can envision their own décor and style.


  • “Green” features. Maybe you recently installed highly insulated windows, a high-efficiency furnace, or a host of Energy Star appliances. Be sure to mention these things.


  • The benefits of buying now. Finally, Generation Xers are all about instant gratification. They typically splurge on things they could not afford when they were younger. If you can help them see the benefit of buying your home now rather than waiting, you will sell your home in record time.

Of course, although your main priority is to appeal to Generation X, you should never forget about other age groups. Baby boomers make up an almost equal percentage of Denver homebuyers, and Generation Y (those 32 and younger) come in at a very close third.

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