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Spring Renovations for your Luxury Home

Spring BlossomsA particularly harsh winter has swept the country, and no place in the United States has been totally free of its effects. Colorado has already seen record snowfalls and dangerously low temperatures. Fortunately, anybody with a luxury home in the region can huddle up in a warm house and wait until spring. But once spring has sprung, what sort of projects might you want to undertake to help purge any trace of winter from your luxury property?

Damage from Long Absences

Did you leave your luxury home behind for the winter to visit a sunnier climate? If so, the first thing you will want to check is what potential damages might have been left behind by the winter. Frozen pipes, damage to your roof, and other problems caused by harsh weather might not need immediate repair but might be a good place to start. For example, if some strong winds tore off the shingles of your roof, this might be a good chance to put on a new roof made out of sturdier material, such as metal or slate. Were your heating bills high even after leaving the heat on as low as reasonably possible? Maybe weatherizing the home will help you save some money in the future.

Landscaping and Yard Work

Springtime means a lot of damp ground and soggy surroundings. However, if you have some landscaping jobs in mind, all that mud can be very beneficial. The ground is much more malleable during this time, meaning that if you want to put up a new fence, add a stone garden, or perform any other major outdoor alterations to your property, you will have an easier time in the spring than during the rest of the year. Anything involving plant life or gardening designs will benefit most during this time of year, since the things you add now will have the lawn and garden grow in around them, making them seem like they’ve been a part of your property for generations.

Property Expansion

Do you want to put a new wing on your house or maybe build a new garage? Again, the moist and malleable land caused by the transition from winter to spring makes this an ideal time to make a major change. Lay the foundation early and the ground will harden around it, making for a more stable base than you might otherwise have. For paved driveways and other jobs that require laying asphalt, you’ll want to start this spring by laying down a base of stone which can sink into the muddy ground. From there, wait as much as a year if possible before adding the asphalt. Doing so means that you will be building on top of a more solid foundation, which will produce longer-lasting results.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. If you own a luxury home, there are a million different ways to embrace that feeling, making your personal palace something even grander by adjusting it to fit your vision of the perfect long-term home.

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