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The Best Time of Year to Buy a Luxury Home

There is plenty of advice available to homebuyers, whether you are trying to get your first mortgage or you own several pieces of property. However, very few people really think about how the time of year – or even the day of the year – can affect their purchasing power.

Should You Avoid the Notorious Spring Buzz?

In the spring, animals come out of hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, and people sell their homes. In fact, spring is the number one busiest time of year for real estate agents, and more homes are bought and sold during this three-month timeframe than the rest of the year combined in many places. Although you will have many, many homes from which to choose during these months, remember that there will be a lot of competition – especially on the luxury home market in Denver. Although you do not always need to avoid buying a home in the spring because it is possible to get a great buy, it should never be your first choice.

Easter Sunday

If you get lucky enough to find a seller and real estate agent who are willing to negotiate with you on holidays, then Easter Sunday is a goldmine. You can get a jumpstart with an excellent offer and essentially knock everyone else out of the running. People put their homes on the market on Fridays and Saturdays all the time, so if you can contact that seller immediately with an offer, you might luck out. Not everyone is willing to negotiate prices and terms over Easter, and if this is not the case, aim for the day before or as early as possible on the following Monday.

Buying in Winter

Buying a home during the winter months has its advantages and disadvantages. The downfall is that not many people put their homes on the market during the cold winter months, and they may ask a premium price for their properties with that knowledge in mind. The advantage is that there are fewer buyers shopping for homes during this season, so your low offer has a better chance of holding ground. This is especially true during the week of Christmas, when almost no one is out looking at homes and scheduling showings. What’s more, the holiday spirit itself often brings with it great moods and feelings of generosity. Take advantage of these things and never rule out winter home shopping.

Finding an Agent

It is important to remember that not every real estate agent will help you draw up an offer on Easter Sunday or Christmas morning. However, when it comes to luxury homes, things are a bit different. There are usually several interested buyers willing to negotiate with the seller, so it is important to be as aggressive as possible in terms of making the right offer at the right time.

In short, any time of year is a great time to buy a Denver luxury home as long as you can find a property that suits you at the right price. However, there is no denying that certain times of year are much better for buyers than others, and taking advantage of that can help you find the new home of your dreams.

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