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The Perfect Luxury Bathroom

Whether you are looking for your first luxury home in the Denver area or you simply want a change of scenery, one of the things that many people take into serious consideration when buying a home is the bathroom. A “luxury bathroom” means different things to different people, though. Here are some trends and ideas that you will not want to miss.

A Bath with a View

One of the biggest draws to the Denver area is the view of the mountains, and many of the people who buy homes in the area take advantage of it. However, while most people try to improve their privacy, particularly when it comes to the bathroom, people in luxury homes often maximize their view. Imagine a classic pedestal tub in the center of a room with a view out into the mountains through floor-to-ceiling glass. It is one of the hottest trends in executive homes right now, and you have to see it to believe it.

Interior of modern bathroomHi-Tech Showers

In today’s day and age of technology, your shower can become your own personal haven. In fact, many luxury homes contain “shower systems” that everyone should experience at some point. These systems often come with several jets that spray in all directions, but water is not all these showers have going for them. Many incorporate music, lighting, and even aromatherapy into the mix. Imagine stepping into your shower, pressing a button, and instantly getting your pre-programmed, personalized water temperature, soundtrack, and scent of choice. It is like a spa right in your own home.

A Natural Wonder

Another trend in the realm of luxury bathrooms involves simulating an outdoor experience as much as possible. Trees, plants, and flowers create a beautiful atmosphere, and you can even install a faux rock waterfall to serve as your tub and shower. Imagine turning your bathroom into a sanctuary – a place where you can go to escape the stress of the day. The best part is that even in the cold Denver winters, you can relax in warm, comfortable style.

Other Technologies and Additions

Aside from overall design, you can look for several other features when you shop for an executive home in the Denver area. Some of these include things like toilets with integrated bidets, and even walk-in steam showers that allow you to enjoy the relaxing comfort of a sauna in your very own home. Once again, these offer not only steam options, but also aromatherapy, comfortable seating, and even tempered glass on all four sides.

More than One Bathroom

In fact, many of the homes in the Denver area boast more than one luxury bathroom. Often, you will find at least one stand-alone bathroom on the main floor equipped with the technologies mentioned above along with a second luxury bath attached to the master suite. Some homes contain several bathrooms with different themes. You might find a rustic bathroom on the upper floor along with a high-tech, modern bathroom on the main floor. When you look for a luxury home, consider what is most important to you. Do you prefer a rustic appeal? Do you enjoy the idea of recreating an outdoors environment in your bathroom? Would you rather have all of the newest technology available? You can find all of these things and more with the help of your real estate agent.

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