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Three Great Luxury Neighborhoods that might Boom in 2015

City SidewalkThe Denver area is home to some great luxury real estate, with many different neighborhoods and suburbs that attract a wide variety of different homeowners. As the luxury market in the area continues to boom, there are certain areas that are more likely to draw interest than others. Here are three popular luxury real estate areas in the Denver region that seem likely to see a boom in housing sales during the 2015 calendar year.

Castle Pines

A gated community which is located on the north side of Castle Rock, this neighborhood features quiet and scenic locations along with luxury homes that sit on sprawling lots of land. The community is very safe, as it is not only protected by gates but also patrolled by professional safety police. It is located among some rolling hills but also has pine forests close by and a terrific view of several scenic mountain chains. Most of the luxury homes in this area have at least an acre of land, while some have several acres and even more natural wonders. With a safe and quiet neighborhood, lots of open space, and a strong local school system, homes in Castle Pines are very likely to be high in demand.


A new and bustling city that was founded at the start of the 21st century, Centennial is an affordable and comfortable area that has many modern luxuries as well as old-fashioned charm. The 28-square mile city has the fourth largest population in the Denver metro area at about 100,000 residents, but it also has the advantage of careful organization and spacious residential lots. One of Centennial’s founding principles was that the city tax rate should be kept at 1%. This makes it a very attractive spot for those who want a luxury home but who might be worried about long-term costs. With confidence still shaky in the economic recovery, a low-tax area like Centennial is very desirable.

Highlands Ranch

As long as there are people buying luxury homes in Colorado, there will be those who are attracted to the unique features that only Colorado has to offer. Located about a dozen miles south of Denver, Highlands Ranch meets the needs of those individuals. There are approximately 30,000 single-family homes in Highlands Ranch to go along with 4,000 apartments. The community is very tightly knit, with many different local activities going on throughout the year. These activities almost invariably focused on Colorado’s unique features, from scenery to sports to culture. For those who want a style of life that is unique to this great state, Highlands Ranch will always hold appeal.

Naturally, there are many more communities in the Denver area which are likely to boom as a result of the surging luxury home sales. The selection above represents the three communities that are almost guaranteed to see growth and a continued increase in home sales thanks to this situation, and many more areas will undoubtedly follow upon their success as the year 2015 continues to roll on.

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