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Today’s Hottest Trends in Flooring

Whether you’ve just purchased a luxury home in Denver or you want to make some improvements on a home you want to sell, the right flooring is essential. Carpeting, hardwood, and even tile are all incredibly popular, but there are some specific types that may help improve the value of your home. Here are some of today’s hottest trends in flooring.


In today’s market, homebuyers want their carpeting to be not only plush and soft, but also environmentally friendly. Many of the world’s top carpet manufacturers have dedicated years of research to creating this very product. These companies may recycle nylon into ultra-soft carpets, or they may simply melt down the polyester used in other materials to create recycled carpet fibers. Although you may not expect much from recycled carpeting, the truth is that these fibers are incredibly soft and plush. What’s more, they come in a variety of pile heights and colors to suit your individual needs, and that’s why eco-friendly carpeting is one of today’s hottest trends in flooring.

Wood Flooring

Open concept homes are by far some of the most popular on the market. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are often open and in full view, and this means that many homeowners utilize hardwood flooring throughout. These days, homebuyers prefer darker stains, larger planks, and more exotic species like hickory, cherry, or walnut. Something else to consider is the finish on the hardwood floor. Today’s trends in flooring are shabby-chic in nature, which means that while a homebuyer is more than willing to pay for a brand new hardwood floor, most want it to have a lived-in look.

trends in flooringTile

There is a lot of variation in regional and even individual preference when it comes to tile, but there is one thing for certain – the tile is getting larger. Traditionally, ceramic tiles come in a 12-inch by 12-inch square, but more and more manufacturers are creating larger tiles to satisfy the demands of consumers. To keep up with trends in flooring, many ceramic tile manufacturers are utilizing the same technologies used to create digital prints on vinyl or laminate countertops to build texture in flooring tiles. The possibilities are truly endless in this regard.

Luxury Vinyl

Finally, if you want to provide an elegant look and feel to a specific area of a home (such as a child’s bathroom) with a material that is incredibly durable and easy to clean, luxury vinyl is a great choice. It is inexpensive when compared to other materials, and because it is durable, it stands up to wear and tear rather well. Thanks to new and improved technologies, your luxury vinyl can look any way you want. Essentially, manufacturers can take photos of wood, marble, or any other surface and print it to the surface of the vinyl.

Some of today’s hottest trends in flooring are timeless classics, and others may only be fads for a short period of time. Nonetheless, if you want to sell your luxury home quickly, or if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a home, these trends can help you make a more informed decision.

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