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How to Turn your Luxury Home into an Energy Efficient Wonder

A home in winterJust because you own a luxury home doesn’t mean you want to pay ridiculously high bills every month. Many people assume that high energy expenditures come with the territory, but in reality there are a lot of ways you can transform your large house into something that saves you money month in and month out. Here are some of the simplest yet most effective ways that you can transform your home.


The first step to making sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible is to make sure that it won’t let heat escape during the wintertime. This is especially important in areas such as Colorado, which get cold winters quite often. Ideally, your luxury home should be insulated using the “cocoon” system. This means that all the walls should have open-cell foam, while your attic should be sealed and insulated with closed-cell foam. If you have insulation already but haven’t installed anything new for a few years, you should double-check your walls and attic. Insulation tends to compact over the years, and this can cause it to become ineffective.


Depending on the age of your home, you may have some very old wiring running through your walls. Even the most energy efficient appliances waste electricity if the wiring they are connected to is not as modern as they are. Take a look at your wiring and consider upgrading it to something newer and more modern in order to avoid energy loss. If you aren’t sure whether your wiring is new, consider the age of your home. Usually, older homes tend to get updated less, especially if they have a lot of character that the previous owner didn’t want to risk losing. If you hire a skilled electrician, you should be able to make your home more energy efficient without losing any of its charm.

Modern Windows

Some people might think that a window is just a window, but this simply isn’t the case. As windows have entered the energy efficient age, they have seen some terrific new breakthroughs. For example, polarized glass is able to filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation while letting all the benefits of natural sunlight through. You can get windows that block UV rays and infrared rays while still allowing the heating and light that the sun offers. This is especially useful if you have several large windows facing sunlight, because it means that you don’t have to run the heat as often or use as many lights to keep your home bright during the day. More natural sunlight can also help your mood during the dreary winter.

A few simple steps can turn your typical luxury home into a major money saver, which can become especially helpful in the winter months. Since 2014 has already seen icy rain and even snow in the Colorado area, taking the extra steps to make sure that you are comfortable while having a bit of extra money in your pocket is a very good idea.

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