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Types of Security Systems for Executive Homes

Your executive home is a major investment, and so are the possessions you keep inside. Because of this, it is imperative to utilize a state-of-the-art home security system to protect them. Despite the relatively low crime rate in Denver, it is always better to be safe than sorry. There are a few different types of systems from which you can choose, and you can even decide which features you prefer.

Monitored Security

Monitored security systems are some of the most popular in Denver’s luxury homes. In the event that one of the alarms gets triggered via an open door or window, this will send an alert to a call center, which in turn notifies police. In almost all cases, these security systems rely on your standard landline telephone to operate. If a burglar can locate your phone lines, he can essentially disable your alarm system. However, some companies also monitor the integrity of your phone line, notifying police if that line is cut.

Unmonitored Security

Unmonitored security systems usually consist of a loud siren within the house that goes off whenever an alarm is triggered. Although it notifies you and hopefully scares the burglar away, it is up to you to notify the police of the intrusion on your own. Although unmonitored security is typically more cost effective than fully monitored systems, it leaves much up to risk. If you own a luxury home in the Denver area, not only does monitored security provide you with better peace of mind, but it might also lower your homeowner’s insurance rates, thereby negating the additional expense.

Centential HomesWireless Systems

Wireless systems may be monitored or unmonitored, and you can choose one or all of the various components. For instance, you might opt for cameras, beams, and motion detectors to trigger an alarm. Some companies provide wireless monitored systems that utilize cell towers in order to contact local police. This is a much better alternative to standard monitored systems since there are no lines to cut. What’s more, wireless systems are easy to install, even in older luxury homes.

Electric Systems

Electric systems are probably the most common these days, but they are difficult to retrofit into existing homes. Thus, you might find them in newly-built executive homes throughout the area. Like other types of security systems, this one monitors doors and windows and requires a passkey to prevent an alarm from sounding. Although these offer phenomenal security, there are a couple of drawbacks. First and foremost, outside electrical currents can interfere with the operation of the alarm. Lightning storms may take them offline altogether for a period of time, as well.

You need a security system for your Denver luxury home, but it is up to you to make the right decision. For the most part, electrical and wireless monitored systems are usually the best deal, and although they have their drawbacks, the benefits greatly outweigh the potential disadvantages.

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