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Want to Keep the Property Value up on your Luxury Home? Keep These Three Things Well-Maintained

Leaky FaucetA luxury home, like any other major real estate purchase, is an investment. The more effort you put into maintaining the investment, the better a long-term home it will be for you and the greater your chances of making more money out of your home in the future becomes. Certain potential hazards can damage your home’s value significantly, though, and you should make sure to take care of these specific areas if you want to keep the long-term property value up.

Curb Appeal

Items that boost your home’s curb appeal can keep your property value high while also elevating your mood whenever you see your luxury home. This includes making sure that your lawn is green and well-maintained, that the paint or siding of the home is kept clean and fresh, and that the landscaping surrounding the house is interesting and attractive. Because the view from the curb is the first thing prospective buyers see of the home, an enhanced exterior helps increase your property value. Because it is also the first thing you see when you get home after a busy day, it helps put a smile on your face and is more likely to leave you happy and satisfied with your home, providing a better mood overall.


Windows are an essential element in every home. A luxury home with windows that add to the overall value is a structure with windows that provide light while also not letting too much cold air in. Bay windows are especially attractive but need a little bit of extra work in order to make sure they stay well-insulated and properly maintained. Replace any cracked glass or frames as soon as possible to ensure that moisture doesn’t start leaking in. Older windows should be replaced with newer double-paned glass if possible. By making sure you keep your windows well-maintained, you can increase your sales appeal while reducing your energy bills.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

People spend more time in their kitchens and bathrooms than they think, and they want to make sure those rooms are both interesting and comfortable. Take a good look at your kitchen and decide whether it gives you the range of movement and the overall aesthetics appeal that you want. Then look at your bathroom and ask if it meets your needs in terms of comfort, appliances, and surface structure. Fixes in kitchens and bathrooms tend to be fairly expensive and involved, but they can be done with few disruptions to the rest of the household. Even if you don’t make any alterations, you need to be aware of potential damages in those rooms, be they leaky pipes or scratched surfaces, as these can be harmful to your home’s value.

There are always potential areas you can improve upon even in a luxury home. At the same time, these areas are places you should be extra vigilant about. Damage should be repaired quickly, as staying on top of these things will only help improve your home value in the long run.

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